Water-decal Wednesday - Full nail flower decals from bornprettystore

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hello!  The last few weeks I've been sharing some water decal nail art on a Wednesday - today I've got a flowery full nail decal from bornprettystore.

flower nail art water decal design ideaflower nail art water decal design idea

My top tips for great water decal application:

  • Paint your nails a base colour (for full nail decals I always paint a white base coat)
  • Let this dry completely
  • Prepare all of your decals in advance and cut to size around where they will be positioned on the base/sides of your nails (any overhang on your tips can be filed off)
  • When soaking in the water to remove the decal from it's backing, make sure they've soaked enough (but not too much) before removing from the backing - too little and you'll probably stretch/ruin the decal, too much and the adhesive will have soaked off.  I usually leave them about 30 seconds and then try and judge it (carefully) from there.
  • Good quality decals will adhere to your nails pretty easily and quickly.  However, when it's a full nail decal, it sometimes can take a bit longer so I usually smooth down carefully and either leave a few minutes to set, or ill give it a quick blast from the hairdryer on a (non-finger burning!) heat.
  • Once dry, apply a top coat, and rock your fingers out!
flower nail art water decal design ideaflower nail art water decal design idea
flower nail art water decal design ideaflower nail art water decal design idea

These water decals and many, many more can be purchased from Born Pretty Store - there's a huge selection so do go and take a look!  Remember to use discount code MXL91 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store.


born pretty store feather water decals
*These products were sent to me for review


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