Sunday Slot: Guest Post from The Polish List

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hello everyone! This week we have the lovely Vicky from The Polish List with a beautiful manicure.  Vicky really does create really beautiful nail art and her swatch photos are always immaculate and beautifully presented - do go and check out her blog!

If you fancy having a slot on my blog, feel free to drop me a line at and I can schedule you in...


Hello lovely people. I'm Vicky and I have a blog called The Polish List. I am so excited to be a guest on Claire's blog today! I have been following nuthin' but a nail thing for ages, her gorgeous nails and iconic nail art always draws me in and I'm always drooling over her nails (I can barely keep a free edge, let alone any length). Whenever I think of Claire's nail art two things pop to mind ... 'Dots' and 'Black & White'. I've used those 2 themes to create some nail art today and I've given it an autumnal twist, because I'm loving the change in seasons right now.

For this mani I used all Primark colours. I have a massive pile of them next to me ready to swatch, so it was easy to reach for them for this nail art. The base was 'red' (very creative Primark) and the dots were made using 'optic', 'twilight', bronze' and 'dark red'.

I chose to do the dots in a circular style as Claire so often does. However the design works 100 times better on her lovely long nails and in the end my dot circles ended up looking more like strange flowers, probably because I added dots to the centres. To finish I added some silver studs (why I didn't pick gold I don't know ... massive nail blogger fail).

I'm loving this design, it's so simple but yet looks really intricate. I've also had so many compliments on it, something which rarely happens.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my post and obviously want to thank Claire for allowing me to post on her amazing blog. It's be an honour, the last couple of 'Sunday Slot' posts have been gorgeous and I look forward to seeing many more amazing nail bloggers share their talent in the future. Vicky xx


Thanks so much Vicky - this is such a beautiful manicure (and I think you are being far too harsh on yourself, as always your nails look flawless!).  I've not tried any Primark polishes before but I may need to check them out - that deep red has my name on it!

If you aren't following The Polish List already, here are the links you need!


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog Claire. It's been so fun.
    Vicky xx

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