Blue rose water decals from

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hello!  I've got some really pretty water decals to show you today from  This blue rose pattern can be bought for the bargain price of $2.06.  I haven't tried anything from Lady Queen before so I was interested to see what the quality would be like.

I started with a white base, and then I cut the decals out and trimmed the edge near the base of my nails to have a slight curve to fit my nails. Then I applied the decal and once it felt firmly fixed to my nails, I filed off the overhang at the tips of my nails, and then finished with a top coat.

I was really impressed by these - they were great to apply and look how pretty they are!  Love them.  If you didn't want to use all of them at once, you could get more manicures out of them by perhaps using them as accent nails.

So, fancy trying out some decals from Lady Queen?  Well head over and take advantage of a 15% discount off everything by using FPLC15 at the check out.  WOO WOO!

*These water decals weren't sent to me for review.


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