Vintage Flower Nail Art tutorial using BPS Dotting Tools

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hello!  It's been a while since I've done a tutorial!  Today I've got one for you, and it's for a cute vintage inspired flower manicure that I've done to demonstrate the dotting tools you can get from Born Pretty Store.  Now I use dotting tools A LOT.  But I wanted to show that they aren't just for the polka dots!  You can use them for other nail art too.

vintage style nail art designvintage style nail art design

To recreate this look you will need:
  • White polish
  • Three shades for your flower, a dark, medium and light tone
  • Two shades of green for your leaves
  • Some pale colours for your polka dot background (I've chosen a blue and grey)
  • Dotting tools
  • Top coat

To start, paint your nails a white base colour, and let that dry.

Start with the medium shade you've chosen for your flower colour, (I've gone for red/pink) and take a dotting tool with quite a large point, and place a couple of messy blobs on each nail (they don't need to be perfectly round)

Next, take your darker tone, and a fine point dotting tool, and paint some smaller detail in there, start from the centre and work out.  Again, this doesn't need to be really neat, make it a bit wobbly!

Repeat this for all your nails.

Take your lightest tone, and then add a couple more flecks to your flower, again using a really fine pointed dotting tool.

Next, take your dark green hade, and a fine dotting tool and use this to create some leaves out of the edge of your flowers.

Use a lighter shade green to add some further detail to your leaves.

Then take the first colour you are using for your polka dot background, and use a small dotting tool to add some polka dots to the background.  Make sure you leave some gaps for the second colour.

Take your second colour and fill in the gaps in with some more polka dots.

Let this all dr and then finish off with a top coat.

Tadaa!  Rose nail art done!

vintage style nail art design tutorialvintage style nail art design tutorial
vintage style nail art design tutorialvintage style nail art design tutorial
vintage style nail art design tutorialvintage style nail art design tutorial

If you don't already have a set of dotting tools, head on over to Born Pretty Store to get your hands on a set - remember to use discount code MXL91 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store.

born pretty store feather water decals
*These products were sent to me for review


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, such a pretty design too! I think I'll need a lot of practice though :-)

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  3. Your design is so perfect that I thought first that they are decals. You managed to make an outstanding and unique looking manicure! Thanks for sharing this lovely design.

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