Swooshes and spots

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello!  I've got a bright little manicure for you today featuring the lovely China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer as the base colour of bright, fresh green.

I then added some polka dots and swooshes of colour using Sinful Colors Savage (blue) and Snow Me White.


  1. This one just makes me smile. :D

  2. Today was the first tine to try "Water marbling" I was messy, but I liked it. I stumbled upon this site and the dry marbling will be so much easier. There won't be a mess also. Thank you for this tutorial. I am going to wear the water marbling this week, then over the weekend try the dry marbling. I will try and post my design. Thank You, Tina Page

  3. Very interesting manicure! I like the combination of colours! :-)


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