Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hello!  I thought it'd be nice to get into the Christmas theme with a little tutorial.  I did reindeer nails last year (but I forgot to give them ears, whoops!) so I thought I'd recreate them, with the ability to hear this time.

Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

For this manicure you will need:
  • Pale base colour (I've chosen white)
  • Brown polish
  • White polish
  • Black polish
  • Red polish
  • Pink polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Top coat
 So, to start, paint your nails a pale base colour.  I've chosen white, but then also added an iridescent glitter topper, for a little bit of subtle sparkle.

Take your brown polish and paint a circular shape at the tips of your nails. 

Take your dotting tool and place two dots on either side of the circle, for your ears.  Make sure you leave sufficient amount of space for the antlers as they are going to go in between.

Take a thin dotting tool (or thin paintbrush if you have one) and paint two thin lines out of the top of your head.

Place two small lines at the top.

And a couple of more thin lines further down, to create your antlers.

Use a dotting tool to place two large white dots for the eyes.

Place black dots inside the eyes for your pupils.

Use a red polish and a dotting tool to create your red nose.

And a pale pink polish to place small dots inside the ears.

Let this dry thoroughly, and then finish with a top coat.

There you go, Rudolph nails done!  Aren't they cute?  I've gone the full hog and done them on every nail, but they'd look really cute as just an accent nail alongside another festive colour (like a deep red).

Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial
Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

If you do have a go at recreating this design, I'd love to see your nails on my facebook page.


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