Textured Sequin Glitters: Barry M, Seventeen, Rimmel, Maybelline and 2True comparisons

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Right, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the recent influx of textured/slightly textured polishes with some super sparkle?  I thought it'd be useful to do a comparison of all the potential dupes there are and give my opinion on which ones are the ones to plump for if you fancy a complete set of all the colours available but don't want to buy every. polish. going.  (like I have done, little [broke] soldier that I am).

So, the polishes I am comparing in this post are the following:
Barry M and Seventeen's collections are full on textured affairs.  Rimmel and 2True have some texture too, but it's more subtle.  Maybelline's collection isn't really textued, but it contains similar colour combinations, so I thought it was worth including for comparison. First off, here is a quick reminder of all these collections:

Barry M Royal Glitter Collection; Princess - a pink/gold textured glitter combination, Majesty - a gold textured glitter, Lady - a white/pearl textured glitter, Duchess - a pale beige textured glitter and Countess - a deep rich brown textured glitter.

Barry M Royal Glitter Collection

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection; Celestial Pearl (white), Bijoux Baby (pink), Charm Bracelet (gold) and Cameo Crush (blue).

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection

Rimmel Space Dust Collection; Luna Love (pink), Shooting Star (silver), Aurora (gold), Moon Walking (purple) and Total Eclipse (black).

Rimmel Space Dust

Maybelline Color Show Brocades collection; Gilded Rose (gold), Crushed Crimson (pink), Black N Mirrors (black) and Silver Swank (silver).

Maybelline Color Show Brocades

2True Sequins Nail Polish Collection: Naomi (purple), Elle (pink), Eva (blue), Tyra (gold) and Christy (silver).  

2True Sequins Glitter Nail Polish

So, moving onto the duplicates.

First off, the white/pearl type polishes.  Barry M Lady and Seventeen Celestial Pearl are very, very similar.  I'd plump for Seventeen Celestial Pearl as it's better for coverage, and has the edge on the sparkle.

Barry M Royal Glitter CollectionSeventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection

Pale pink polishes.  Barry M Princess and Seventeen Cameo Crush are very similar.  Again, Seventeens version Seventeen Bijoux Baby pips it for me slighty as there is just a little bit more of the pretty sparkle going on.

Barry M Royal Glitter CollectionSeventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection

Purples:  2True Sequins Naomi and Rimmel Space Dust Moon Walking.  These are literally the same polish.  They are both the same price (when not on offer) so really take your pick out of these, if I'm forced to pick between them, I think 2True Sequins - Naomi might be just slightly more sparkly.

2True Sequins Glitter Nail PolishRimmel Space Dust

Next, pale beige/silver glitters.  Barry M Duchess and Rimmel Space Dust - Aurora.  These are pretty much the same polish, and cost the same price, Barry maybe sightly edges it with a teeny tiny bit more sparkle, but it's a tough call; Barry M Duchess.

Barry M Royal Glitter Collection

Right, onto the deeper pinks; 2True Squins - Elle, Maybelline Color Show Brocades- Crushed Crimson, Rimmel Space Dust - Luna Loves.  Now, as you can see, they are similar, but not the same!  I would say though, putting all three together, I'd immediately discount the Rimmel, although it's pretty, it's certainly not a patch on the other two.  It's a tough call between 2True and Maybelline, but I think that Maybelline Crushed Crimson pips it for me.

2True Sequins Glitter Nail PolishMaybelline Color Show BrocadesRimmel Space Dust

Onto the golds; we have four in the mix.  Two are very, very similar; Barry M Majesty and Seventeen Charm Bracelet.  If you are looking for a more textured finish for a gold polish, I'd plump for Charm Bracelet.  However, the other two in the mix 2True Sequins - Tyra and Maybelline Color Show Brocades - Gilded Rose are very pretty (but less textured).  Overall, much as I love the texture, Maybelline Color Show Gilded Rose is so flipping pretty it has to be my winner.

Barry M Royal Glitter CollectionSeventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection
2True Sequins Glitter Nail PolishMaybelline Color Show Brocades

Next, we have some silvers. 2True Christy and Rimmel Space Dust - Shooting Star are pretty much exactly the same.  I think 2True Christy is maybe slightly sparklier, so I'd plump for that one.  I've also included Maybelline - Silver Swank, which is very pretty in it's own right, but has more of a gold tinge to it.  My winner here is 2True Sequins - Christy.

2True Sequins Glitter Nail PolishRimmel Space Dust
Maybelline Color Show Brocades

So, what do we have left?  In all of these collections, the following polishes are originals and there isn't really a duplicate of them (yet!).  Out of these, my must haves would be Seventeen Cameo Crush and Barry M Countess.

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects Collection2True Sequins Glitter Nail Polish
Barry M Royal Glitter CollectionMaybelline Color Show BrocadesRimmel Space Dust

So; overall summary of what I'd put on my shopping list:

Pearl/White Texture:  Seventeen Celestial Pearl
Pink/Gold Texture: Seventeen Bijoux Baby
Purple Texture: 2True Sequins - Naomi
Beige/Silver Texture: Barry M Duchess
Deep Pink/Fuschia:  Maybelline Crushed Crimson
Gold:  Seventeen Charm Bracelet (for Texture), Maybelline Gilded Rose (for sparkle)
Silver Texture: 2True Sequins - Christy
Best of the rest:  Seventeen Cameo Crush (blue) and Barry M Countess (brown)
PHEWF!  I hope that was useful for everyone!  Overall, if you are looking for TEXTURE, go more towards the Barry M and the Seventeen.  The rest of the polishes (the Maybelline in particular) aren't as textured, just more SPARKLE, and can easily be smoothed with a top coat and still look lovely.


  1. Cheers for this Claire! I went for Maybelline Crushed Crimson for a sparkly pink :-) xx

  2. Brilliant post. Thank you for what must have been a lot of work! My picks: Naomi and Countess.

  3. Love this post! Recently bought Barry M - Lady but think i'll have to buy the Seventeen polish as well, looks a bit brighter!

  4. Such a useful comparison. I love the Seventeen ones that I have and have found them more textured (and sparkly?) than others too. Re: Barry M Countess, GOSH has a polish which looks to be pretty much identical in the bottle (I was tempted to buy it to compare but managed to resist haha). They also have a pewtery purple, a gold and a silver, I think. I've also seen a textured polish in Next (surprisingly!) which looked similar to Seventeen Cameo Crush (which I love) - and it was only £3. Suspect that may end up in my collection sooner or later... I picked up Maybelline Rosy Rosettes recently from the Brocades collection and it is so beaut...now tempted to the other three haha.

    Can't believe I just wrote so much. Thanks again for the comparison!

    1. Hehe! that's very interesting! I am glad there are so many more of these types of polishes coming out, I do love them! (bank account, not so much so! lol)


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