SHIMMER - Astrid

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hello!  I've got a lovely polish to show you today, from Shimmer polish. This isn't an indie brand I've tried before so I am very excited by the parcel of sparkly amazingness that has arrived and I'm looking forward to sharing some swatches of these beautiful polishes over the next few weeks.

So!  The polish I've got to show you today is Astrid.  Astrid is chock full of beautiful purple, lilac, violet, silver holographic and pale blue glitters in a clear base.  It's a really beautiful subtle mix but BANG! full of sparkle.

SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid
SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid

I layered three coats of Astrid over a lilac base. The formula applies beautifully, and the sparkle, oh my goodness!  This polish is so pretty!

SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid
SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid
SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid
SHIMMER - AstridSHIMMER - Astrid

Shimmer Polish grew out of Cindy's home in Orange County.  Cindy's polishes are named after her wonderful friends and family. Each and every name has an important significance to her. Each shade of Shimmer is inspired by Cindy's friends; from favorite colors, things that remind her of that person, and even personal requests from these great ladies. Each and every one of the Shimmers have shaped and influenced her to become who she is today; this her way of thanking them for being in her life.

Fancy yourself some SHIMMER polish?


*This polish was sent to me for review


  1. This is indeed very sparkly, I bet even Edward Cullen would be jelous! xD
    I haven't heard of this brand before but I like the idea that the polishes have names of her fam & friends, very nice!


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