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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh my actual squee!  I am so excited to show you this post today!  Jamberry Nails recently got in touch to see whether I wanted to have a go at using their nail shields.  They have recently introduced a feature where you can design your own nail wraps.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?

So faced with the decision of what do I put on my nails, my head nearly exploded from having to make a decision.  ARGH!  YOU CAN PICK ANYTHING!  

In the end, I decided to pick some of my own favourite photos from my photo albums that I feel represent me.  So, we are possibly in the realms of silly here, as I am sporting pictures of my cats and sausages on my nails, but hey, I properly love sausages so much, MMMM!  In the mix also are some pictures I took in Vegas, Cancun and London, three places I love.

Anyway, this pretty much shows you that you can literally put any design you want on your nails.  Ace.  I drew the line at putting my husbands face on my nails and he is pretty disappointed that the fluffy nuisances that bring him dead/partially dead presents won over him (obviously).  But, y'know, you could put someones face on your nails!  Nothing says I love you more than... oh, ok, it probably would be a bit creepy.  Cats are ok though.

Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design

Jamberry send a pack with 18 large stickers in (which you can use one sticker for two nails if you are careful - my nails are pretty long and I managed to squeeze two out of them).  I love the designs so much that I think I will save them for accent nails in the future, rather than using them all at once.

Jamberry shields are applied by heating the wrap to activate the adhesive.  So, peel off the sheet, blast for 10-15 seconds with your hairdryer and then you stick the freshly heated wrap on your nail and smooth it down. The heated adhesive is incredibly sticky and does stick really well to your nail. A couple more blasts onto your nail with the hairdryer again to seal it, then you just file off the extra from the edge of your nail! Further application details are available here.

I have to say, I was very impressed, as my nails are pretty curved, so I've often struggled in the past with wraps as they end up full of ridges, however there was only minimal ridges here (and that's definitely down to user error/first go, rather than the wraps).  Also, you don't need to top coat these, as they are already really shiny, so it is really quick to go from plain nails to party nails!

Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design

Aren't they ace?  One thing I will point out is that any imperfections you can see are pretty much invisible in real life.  My camera oh-so-kindly picks up every detail (good or bad!).  In addition to these wraps being stuck down really well, they also haven't lifted at the tips or edges, which I usually find to be the case not long afterwards.  Jamberry Nails promise up to two weeks with your wraps as long as you are careful... obviously I couldn't leave my nails the same for that long but they have definitely withstood the washing up/hot showers without any lifting, so again; impressive.

Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design
Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design
Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design

I then spent a considerable amount of time trying to get my cats excited about the fact THEIR FACES ARE ON MY NAILS!! DISCO!  But basically, they don't care.  Hmph.

Jamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom DesignJamberry Nail Shields - Custom Design

Custom nail wraps start at $18.75 a sheet, which is at the upper end price wise, but considering you can probably get 2-3 manicures out of all the wraps (plus even more if you just decide to use them as accent nails) and they are of an exceptional quality, I'd say they are worth every cent.

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*These nail wraps were provided for review 


  1. Love the wraps! Can't help but giggle at the last cat photo. So cute!

  2. What a brilliant idea! You nails look great too!

  3. Wow this is crazy cool. I love the designs you came up with! My hubs would be disappointed if I picked our doggies over his handsome face too :) xx

  4. I've made mine with my furbaby Chihuahua -and pics of my kids as well ;)

  5. I am laughing so hard at the sausage nails. You should have had vodka and cigs on them.

  6. You're brave! I've done a lot of fun chevrons layered over ombres, straight ombres, and other patterns, but no "live" pictures yet. Well, I did make some wraps out of my engagement and wedding pictures, but those are for all the bridal shows I do, so they're not really for using. :) LOVE how the Vegas and Cancun ones look on your nails!!! :)


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