Holiday manicure round-up...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Morning, morning!  Right, well the last couple of weeks I was on holiday so I thought I'd do a bit of a different post today with a little round up of my holiday manicures (plus a couple of holiday snaps!).  I managed to whittle my collection down to a supply of 30 polishes (they were like, bare. minimum. essentials!) to take with me (plus some nail art bits and bobs).  

If space is at a minimum, I reckon you can get away with say; a pink, a blue/green, a black, a white, a glitter, top coat, dotting tools and some diamantes and that should give you plenty of scope for changing up your manicure whilst you are away...

My nail pictures are just snaps off my camera phone so aren't the best quality, so apologies for that!

leopard print nail artnail art designs

Stops one and two were Copenhagen and Stockholm... and then it was Helsinki, St Petersburg...

nail art designsleopard print nail art
nail art designsstripes nail art

The last few stops were Tallin, Gdynia and Oslo...

Anyway, I had a really lovely holiday and was very lucky to visit lots of great countries... and now it's back to the grind...  However, I should have news of a giveaway for you in the next few days so keep watching!


  1. Love all of these Claire! My favourites are the first two, and the white/gold one. Looks like you had a fab hol and saw some awesome places too! xx

  2. I love that you took polish with you! Did you pick any up while you were there?

    1. NO! *sadface* There really wasn't anywhere I noticed, when we were trooping around, despite keeping my eyes open :( (Bank balance is happy though!)

  3. so pretty! glad you had a good time :)


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