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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hello!  I am very excited to show you the second of three posts for SpaRitual Nail Polish.  I have teamed up with Em's Little Corner; Lucy's Stash and Kerruticles to show you two lovely polishes (yesterday I showed you Delight), and some nail art, AND, AND! even more exciting news to announce in the next couple of days (you all fancy a giveaway, right?), so keep following!

So, firstly, let me tell you a bit about SpaRitual Polishes.

•    Vegan Nail lacquer – they use mica for their shimmers rather than guanine (fish scales)
•    5-free – free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor
•    Bottles designed by Ferrari
•    Bottles made from recycled glass and are also recyclable with care
•    Caps made from a special type of rubber to allow ease of opening and perfect grip for best application results
•    72 permanent colours with between 4-6 seasonal collections released each year

SpaRitual - Last Tango SpaRitual - Last Tango

The second polish I am going to show you today is "Last Tango". Now, the names of SpaRitual's polishes have a nifty bit of numerolgy associated with their bottle names;

Last Tango – 80010 1 + 0 = 1
1 – Independence and Ambition: The Hero 

Positive Traits: Initiator of action, a pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent, drives to attain, individualistic style, executive abilities, extraordinary will and determination, courageous.

This polish needed four coats to be totally opaque, however I reckon you could get away with three thick coats.  I do find that a lot of coral/red colours seem to need a few extra coats on my nails (they are pretty stained underneath!), so this wasn't a total surprise.  Again, beautiful colour, beautiful shine (no top coat required!).

SpaRitual - Last Tango SpaRitual - Last Tango
SpaRitual - Last Tango SpaRitual - Last Tango
SpaRitual - Last Tango SpaRitual - Last Tango
SpaRitual - Last Tango SpaRitual - Last Tango

*These polishes were sent to me for review


  1. Definitely gorgeous and it does merit its name - a deep, sensual red shade just like Tango! :) Love it!
    ps. your nails are sooooooooo beautiful, they make the polish stand out even more! **

  2. This colour is sooooo accurate - I'm jealous of your camera skills! I struggled to get the pinky hue :(

    1. I would suggest this was luck rather than skill! hehe! x


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