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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hello!  I've got some exciting swatches to show you today.  Charlie at Pocket Money Polishes has been working hard to create a small collection of hand mixed polishes, which is great for us in the UK, as it's becoming more and more difficult to get hold of indie polishes as postage restrictions become tighter.

So, today I have swatches of her first collection, which she's very kindly let me have ahead of the official launch on Monday 10th June. Exciting!  This first collection consists of four polishes, all inspired by old-school song; Starry, Starry Night, I Put A Spell On You, My Girl and Fever.

Here's some bottle close ups.  You can see there is a chock-ton of glitter going on here:

So, first off, Starry, Starry Night.  "Named for the Don McLean song Vincent.  Just go and listen to it and sway then look at your pretty nails."  This is a clear base filled with tiny bits of gold glitter, slightly larger blue glitter and big white stars.  I decided to put Starry, Starry Night over a contrasting base, so that the gold, blue and white glitter would all show through.  There was a temptation to just whack is over black (which I imagine will look stunning) but I've mixed it up with Barry M Passion Fruit.  The little white stars are really cute, and are quite easy to fish out.  They also sit smooth onto your nail once you've top coated, which is great.  This polish is really nice and I really love it against the coral base colour.  This is two coats of Starry, Starry Night.

Next we have I Put A Spell On You"This polish was inspired by my favourite version of this song, a cover by Creedence Clearwater Revival - a bit of bayou magic in a bottle."  This polish is in a clear base, with tiny holo glitter pieces, large orange glitter and some green stars and purple hearts.  Again, I'm sure this will look great over black but I decided to mix it up and go for a base colour of Barry M Key Lime, as I thought it'd be cool to clash the orange and lime green together.  The stars come out pretty easy, and again sit flat underneath top coat.  The purple hearts are a bit trickier to fish out, but I'm sure if I had sat the polish upside down for a bit before using it'd have been easier.  I love this, it looks so fun and jazzy!  This is two coats of I put a spell on you.

This is My Girl. "One of those songs that gets stuck on repeat in my brain and is hard to turn off!  I kept this polish light and feminine with a touch of irridescent sparkle for fun."  This is a clear base with pink and grey glitter, plus some tiny tiny sparkly glitter.  I really love this!  I put this over a pale purple base of Sinful Colors Amethyst, and it looks so pretty and girly.  Again, I reckon this'd be ace over black or hot pink.  This is two coats of My Girl.

Finally, we have Fever.  "Deep cherry red and silver holos to channel one of the sexiest songs I can think of.  Roll on summer romance".  This is a clear base full of tiny red glitter, square silver holo glitter and some large round red glitter pieces.  This time I decided it needed to go over black (2True) and it looks flipping squee!  The larger red chunks were tricky to get out, so next time I'd definitely make sure I've turn the polish upside down for a bit first.  This all sits smooth with top coat, and kind of reminds me of mars/galaxy (the universe, not the chocolate).  Really stunning.  This is two coats of Fever.

So, which one is your favourite?  It's a really tough call for me, but I think My Girl is definitely in for a shout, as I love that it's so subtle and sparkly.

Pocket Money Polishes first collection Glitter Babies will go on sale to UK customers on Monday 10th June.  Polishes will be £4 each for a 5ml bottle.  Each polish will be hand mixed to order and are 3-free.

Head over to http://www.tbeanz.com/PMP/ to place an order!


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