KKCenterHk.com review: Marquise studs

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hello!  I have a review for you today of some purple marquise studs from KKCenterHk.com.  These studs retail at $4.73 (so about £3?  So bad at currency conversion!) and you get 50 or so in a pack, and their postage and packaging prices are pennies, which is good news.  Also, KKCenterHK have kindly provided a discount code for you all to use, so enter "nuthinbutanailthing" and you'll get yourself 10% off.  Even better!

Anyway, onto the nails...I thought I'd give these are try as I am a big fan of studs, but I haven't tried out any marquise shaped studs before.  The studs aren't flat backed, but they have a little rim on the edge, so they press down into your polish pretty well. 

First off, the shape of the studs totally screamed out flowers to me, so I decided to use them to do a couple of little half flowers at the base of my nail.  I used a small gold stud for the centre of the flower and then positioned the purple studs around them.  I used w7 suede effect in Golden Suede as a base colour and I love how the purple flowers go with it, it works really well.

Next, I decided to try out Sinful Colors Apple, which has been sat waiting patiently...  I just put the studs at the base of my nail this time.  Again, I like the colour contrast, I think this goes pretty well.

Finally, this one isn't particularly inspired, but I couldn't show all the same design on my nails for each manicure!  So this time, I tried out Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, put a stud at the base of my nail, then added some diamond shaped diamantes.  I don't think this really worked as well because the colours are quite similar, I think the studs need to be contrasting with the polish to stand out nicely.  So this might work better with a different base polish.  (This blue is gorgeous though, isn't it?!  Love!)

Anyway, do check out all the fabulous nail goodies on offer at kkcenterhk.com, and do remember to use the discount code nuthinbutanailthing to get another 10% off their bargain prices.

*These products (Marquise Studs) were sent to me for review


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