Easy galaxy nails...

Monday, 27 May 2013

It's been ages since I did some galaxy nails, and this mani kind of accidentally ended up being a galaxy style manicure when I was messing about the other day. 

To start, I did a base colour of Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, and then I used the same method I used in this recent post to sponge on some Barry M Limited Edition Gold polish over the top.

galaxy nail artgalaxy nail art

I then used a couple of glitter polishes (a really cheap technic blue glitter and No7 Gold Glitter) and just put a thin coat of both over the top of my nails.  I then finished with a matte top coat and added a star shaped stud at the base of each nail.  Tadaaa!  Easy peasy galaxy effect nails.

galaxy nail artgalaxy nail art
galaxy nail artgalaxy nail art
galaxy nail artgalaxy nail art


  1. I like the glitter on the very top, but this reminds me more of the ocean with starfish than a galaxy! haha! Still very pretty though :)

    1. I was thinking of the ocean as well haha. But still very beautiful <3


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