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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hello!  I have some more full nail wraps from YRNails to show you today.  I previously posted some other designs here and here.  Today I've got another four designs to show you.

These are really easy to apply, especially if you are used to using water decals, however there is a slight difference, in that you need to soak them in warmish water, and rather than gently rub the design off the backing paper, you need to place it on a dry kitchen towel, dab it dry, and then it slides off a lot easier.  If you just try and rub off between your fingers (as I usually do with decals) it can smudge the design.  There is a video explaining how to use these here.  Once you have applied them to your nails, let them dry on, and then file any overhang off the tips of your nails, apply basecoat, and you are good to go!

These wraps are lovely, and apologies in advance for my camera picking up every slight imperfection *mad face*, however rest assured that this is not noticeable to the eye in real life.

First up, (this one is my favourite!) this is Orange and White Floral Summery, which is currently on sale for 75p a sheet.

Next we have Green and Brown Army Camouflage which is £1.50 a sheet.

This is Paisley Stars.  I love paisley patterns and it's quite tricky to recreate this kind of look freehand, so these wraps are really nice.  These are £1.50 a sheet.

And finally, here is Pink and Purple Army Camouflage.  Again this is £1.50 a sheet.

Check out all the lovely goodies YRNails have to offer here.  If you are looking for full nail wraps, there is a massive selection to choose from here.  YRNails offer free worldwide shipping on orders over £10 too, and their full nail wraps start from 75p a set... Bargain!

*These nail wraps were sent to me for review.

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