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Friday, 15 March 2013

I've shown you a few nail adornments on manicures recently, and here are a couple more that have been hanging around waiting to get posted.  I think these are really great if you aren't that confident doing more complicated freehand nail art, and you want to bling up your manicure anyway.  Be warned, they aren't particularly long-lasting (I've sealed mine on with top coat, which is sufficient for say, a night out, but you can get them to last longer if you stick them on with superglue).

I showed you some skulls on my post for suggestions of how to use textured nail polishes for nail art, this time I've gone for quite a simple but very sparkly combination.  I painted all my nails with a base colour of Collection Cosmetics Liquorice (I know, I use this all the time, it's seriously the best black polish ever) and then I used OPI Metallic 4 Life (this is a black base with different sized silver glitters from the Nicki Minaj collection) and an Angelica polish I picked up in Penneys (Ireland's Primark) that is full of really fine silver, black and red glitter.

opi nicki minaj metallic 4 lifeopi nicki minaj metallic 4 life
opi nicki minaj metallic 4 lifeopi nicki minaj metallic 4 lifeopi nicki minaj metallic 4 lifeopi nicki minaj metallic 4 life

Next up, this is a more colourful creation using some Nubar glitters.  I love Nubar polishes, their glitters are properly jam packed.  I also used a lovely YCC polish that's packed full of holographic glitter.  I chucked a couple of diamantes on my nails to bring all the sparkles together, and a diamante encrusted crown on my ring finger.

nubar glitter polishnubar glitter polish
nubar glitter polishnubar glitter polishnubar glitter polishnubar glitter polish

So there you go, no massive skillz required here, but you've got some stand out sparkly and unusual nails.  BLING BLING!  I picked up a batch of really cheap nail adornments from eBay, so take a look if you fancy some (slightly disfunctional) pretties stuck to your nails.

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