A-England Polka Dotting

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hello!  HAPPY EASTER!  I hope you all have lovely days planned.

A while ago I showed you some beautiful A-England polishes, well I've whipped a few of them out again and I decided to do some polka dots. 

a-england nail polish

The base colour is St George, which is the most ridiculously gorgeous rich green polish I have ever seen.  I then used different sized dotting tools and Excalibur (Silver) and Bridal Veil (Black shimmer) to create some random circular dotty patterns on my nails.

a-england nail polisha-england nail polish
a-england nail polisha-england nail polish
a-england nail polisha-england nail polisha-england nail polisha-england nail polish

Also; shameless plea for votes; I entered the Collection Cosmetics Easter Nail Art competition and am in the final five, please could you like and share my picture (only if you like it the most, obviously!)



  1. OMG, this is mesmerizing! I am so bookmarking this look!

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