Spots and Stripes

Friday, 30 November 2012

Today I've got a really fun, easy mani to show you.  Whenever I'm stuck for a bit of inspiration, I know that polka dots are always a winner!  This is a yellow by Misa, alongside Collection Cosmetics White and Black.

polka dot nails

polka dot nails

polka dot nails

polka dot nails

polka dot nails

polka dot nails

And if you fancy recreating this; I've done a little tutorial to help as well.

polka dot nails tutorial


  1. Cool mani :) Will have to give this a try!

    1. Do! And let me know if you do! I reckon it's work with loads of different colours x

  2. Omgosh adore this !!! :D
    your fab follower
    >but hey I've got a new outfit-post, check it out maybe? :)
    I'd be honoured *read this in a British-accent* hihi ;)

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