Baby you're a FIREWORK...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy 5th November everyone!  I have decided to embrace bonfire night and go for some firework themed nails!

firework nails

First off, I painted my nails with a basecoat of glitter, I used a different colour on each nail:

Left Hand:
Thumb: YCC Nail Enamel 112 (Purple Glitter)
Index Finger: Barry M Silver Multi Glitter
Middle Finger:  Barry M Red Glitter
Ring Finger: w7 Green and Blue Glitter
Little Finger: Nubar Spark
Right Hand:
Thumb: YCC Nail Enamel 114 (Silver Holo Glitter in Dark Base) 

Index Finger: China Glaze Electrify
Middle Finger:  YCC Nail Enamel 108 (Pink Glitter)
Ring Finger:  Angelica Blue Glitter
Little Finger: YCC Nail Enamel 117 (Gold Glitter)

I put a top coat on and then once that was totally dry I used striping tape to make the firework patterns on my nails.  I then used the black Barry M magnetic polish as a top coat, as I thought it would give more of a varied "sky" colour than a solid black (it doesn't show up that great in the photos though).  Then, a diamante in each corner and topped off with a coat of the w7 multi-colour glitter (which I originally bought thinking it would be a good Rainbow Connection dupe, but it's just not thick enough, but ace for just a thin splatter of glitter).  Ta daaa!

firework nails

firework nails

firework nails

firework nails

firework nails


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love them!

  2. Very cool! That must have taken aaaages! :)

    Robyn x

    1. Thank you! It did take a while :D but I don't tend to notice the time if I've got me a glass of vino and some rubbish TV to watch :))

  3. Just had to post a link to this on our facebook page - Wedding Display Fireworks - These are amazing :o)


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