Day 4: GREEN (30 Day Challenge)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 4's theme is GREEN.  I was over at my friends house and decided to go for a little root around in her collection (she is well and truly inducted into the cult, she's got a good collection going on!).  There were so many things I wanted to try!

So I decided to do some different greens, and there was also a China Glaze Yellow I couldn't resist, so I threw that on with some glitter over the top (the w7 glitter that is attempting to be a dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection but it's not really quite thick enough).  I also stupidly forgot to take note of the polishes I used so I can only try and remember... fail.

Fingers then, from left to right:
1.  China Glaze Sunshine Pop with w7 Rainbow Glitter
2. I can't remember what this polish was, and unfortunately it hasn't photographed well, as in reality it is a lovely deep green with flecks in, so it is lovely and shimmery
3. w7 Green Dazzle - this glitter is gorgeous and so sparkly!
4.  The green on my little finger is a Kiko Green, with w7 Rainbow Glitter over the top.

Thumb:  I can't remember the name of this polish either, it was a cheapy one from China I think.  It had excellent coverage though in just two coats, so I will find out what it was and report back.  Again, lovely and shimmery. 


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