Stickers and a bit of bling

Monday, 6 August 2012

So the stripes were definitely not going to last that long without some jazzing up, so I thought I'd whack a few stickers and diamantes on them. 

I got a set of 50 sheets of stickers really cheap off eBay ages ago, so there is always a good selection to choose from.  You have to be quite careful peeling them off the backing sheet so they don't rip, and then I use tweezers to position them on.   

When I'd finished, I put on a top-coat, and then a few diamantes over the top.  Probably not my favourite effort ever, the stickers did look a bit rubbish on some of the nails (middle finger, left hand; I'm looking at you!), but I didn't really have time to put it right.

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