Olympic fever continues... Union Jack Nails...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Fever is still going strong in my neck of the woods!  I've really been enjoying the gymnastics and the swimming, I think I might be a little lost when it's all over.  Luckily my work environment allows for TV viewing, which is a plus point (probably the only one!).  I decided to have another go at Union Jack nails, with a bit of a twist, as they are in Olympic Ring colours.  One day I might actually do some Olympic Rings on my fingers, but I have tried and failed miserably so far with them, I keep shying away and using the colours as a theme instead.

It turns out I've been doing Union Jacks all wrong.  I always used to do the basecoat dark blue, and then paint on the white stripes, then the red stripes over the top.  I noticed on a couple of blogs yesterday showing tutorials for Union Jacks ( The Daily Nail: British Flag Nail Art Tutorial! and The Nailasaurus: Union Jack Nail Art Tutorial ) that they were doing a white basecoat, then painting the red and blue on separately, so I decided to give that a go, and it worked out much better.

I haven't got as steady hands for drawing straight lines as these ladies though so I used tape to get the straight lines.

Union Jack Nails


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