Stamping with Barry M Denim

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I thought I'd have another go at stamping, and it was much more successful this time.  My nails are a bit long for the plates, which is annoying, so I am going to need to improve on matching the stamps up if I need to stamp a second go on longer nails.

I used a bright light blue (Glo Baby Glo - a cheap make from Primark) as a base with a Beauty UK light blue pastel as an accent nail but you can't really see it that well under the stamping.  I used Barry M denim for the stamping again, it does work really well, I may try using a couple of the Barry M magnetic polishes, as they have excellent one-coat coverage, which I think it the key with stamping.

I used Bundle Monster plate 206.

Ta-daa!  Not perfect, but definitely improving.

Barry M Denim


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