panda bear, panda bear

Thursday, 12 July 2012

So, I bought some Bundle Monster plates a while ago and keep meaning to have a go at stamping, every quick attempt I've done has been so rubbish *cry* it's been putting me off, but I realised it was down to a number of reasons (scraping too hard, stamping too hard, etc) and decided to have another go last night, which went ok, but not perfect, but there is an improvement on previous efforts.

So to start, I painted a basecoat using a light green Beauty UK polish and Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream.

For the stamping, I decided to use Nails Inc Denim, as it's got really good coverage in one coat.  And Bundle Monster Plate 212.

So as you can see, the stamping wasn't amazing but a good start for now.  I tarted it up a bit with a few diamantes and a cheeky panda on one of my nails just to break it up a bit.

panda nails


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