No 7 Magnetic Polish

Monday, 23 July 2012

I haven't used any magnetic polish for ages, because to be honest I was a bit disappointed with it.  It always looked ok, but never that great.  I think it went the way of the crackle polish, I got super excited about it, bought ALL OF THE COLOURS and then went straight off it again immediately.

So last night I thought I'd give it another go, trying a few different things, and I had much more success than previous occasions.  Here are my tips:

1.  I used No. 7 Teal, but rather than using the stamp that came with it, I used a stamp from the Barry M Magnetic collection.  I think the No. 7 polish works better, but the stamps that come with it aren't as good as Barry's. 

2.  I did two layers this time, rather than trying to do a really thick coat in one go.

3.  I made sure I was really careful to not hold the magnet too close to my nail, as sometimes this seems to make blobs of the wet nail varnish transfer to the magnet, and just wrecks the polish.  I held the magnet there for about 10-15 seconds each go.

And here we go, magnetised nails that I actually like for once.

No 7 Magnetic Polish


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