Nail Pop Flakie Polish

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

So I was interested to see how the new Nail Pop polish I bought at the weekend fared against the really decent flakies (e.g. Nfu OH) and I was really pleased with the results, and for £5 a bottle rather than £14.99, it's definitely worth investing. 

I did a basecoat of OPI Lincoln Park after Dark, with a Catrice accent nail, that I stamped with the OPI.  I then did two layers of the flakie (Nail Pop - Sequin Effect Shade 24). 

You can see the flakies have an orange/green/yellow effect over the top.

Nail Pop Flakie Polish


  1. Is the Nail Pop from Superdrug?

  2. It is indeed! I haven't seen it anywhere else so I don't know whether it is just exclusive to them (like Sleek Makeup seems to be also).

  3. Hi just stumbled across your blog and had to leave a comment on these stunning nails Love them x

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