Olympic themed Hello Kitty nails

Monday, 30 July 2012

So, in the set of Fimo Canes I bought the other week here there was a cane of Hello Kitty faces.  I love the whole tackiness of this so I decided to do Hello Kitty, Olympic Style nails, in the colours of the Gymnastics arena.  (I've been watching loads of the Gymnastics, I love it, I kind of wish I could do a flip, or even a half decent handstand...)

Hello Kitty nails

I used the following polish:
Dark glitter pink on Union Jack is Kiko 277
Corally pink on all nails is Kiko 282
Light pink on all nails is Barry M Baby Pink
Glitter is Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop
Right thumb base is Nubar Brilliant
Hello Kitty nails

Hello Kitty nails

So, I pinked up the Union Jack, did some dotting on a few nails and used a Bundle Monster stamp for the circle pattern.  I tried and failed miserably again at doing the olympic rings, I tried a straw (fail) and then free hand (ridiculous fail), so the stamping was the next best thing.  I then also covered up the fact that the stamp is too small for my fingers, (and chances of me lining it up without messing it up are nil), with a pink tip on my middle finger.

Hello Kitty nails

Hello Kitty nails

I cut thin slices of the fimo canes, and used Sally Hansen instra-dri top coat, and then put the pieces on.  They stay pretty firm with just top coat, as long as you let them dry properly.  And there you go, Hello Kitty Olympics!

Olympic Nails!

Friday, 27 July 2012

So today is the official Olympic opening ceremony for London 2012 and I am very excited!  I hope everyone has fun plans to celebrate, I am having an Olympic party, which in reality is just an excuse to overload on cocktails and tapas with some TV on in the background.  As I'm "oop north" as it were, there isn't really anything going on round here (well, there is football, but meh...), but I'm still really looking forward to watching a few of the events.

Obviously, this calls for some Olympic themed nails!  Whoopla!

I started off by doing both hands with basecoats of white and blue (and some glitter) before applying any designs.

The blue/red/silver glitter is Barry M's new Jewel Britannia polish, which I love.  The glitter is slightly holographic too.  I put a basecoat of navy underneath that, as it isn't quite thick enough to put on it's own (unless you want to sit there and put 30,000 coats on).  My thumb has w7 (from previous post) on, the whites are a Collection 2000 white with Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors "It's all about the glam" topcoat which is a shimmery white.  The navy is Kiko 335.

I then put my designs on the non-glittery nails, I decided to go for a mix of Olympic Ring colours, and the union jack, and then a whole bunch of diamantes on top (gotta have some bling!).  I mentioned before that I'd show how I do thin stripes so neat, I use a very thin tape, and then paint the colours on (very carefully) using a thin paintbrush) and leave it about an hour to dry before taking off.

Olympic Nails

For the union jack, I put tape on in the pattern below, and painted white, before adding the red lines on.  I would have used tape too to get the red lines perfectly straight, but I was running out of time at that point, so had to go freehand with a thin paintbrush.

After that, I did some dotting, and stuck on a few (ok a lot!) of diamantes, in the Olympic colours.  And here you go, Olympic themed nails:

Olympic Nails

Olympic Nails

Olympic Nails

Olympic Nails

Kiko Haul!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A friend pointed me in the direction of the Kiko sale, £1.50 a polish.  Despite my no more spending on polish ban, it would have been rude not to get involved.  And rope a few polish loving friends in too, obviously.

We were very excited to receive our haul this afternoon!  What do you reckon?

These are mine:

These are various friends selections.


Unfortunately I now have envy of the polishes they chose and I didn't get, so I feel there may be a second order coming on....

Pretty Sprinkles!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First "nail mail" of the day received, and very excited indeed!  A friend had directed me to Nail Polish Direct where they are selling a brand called W7, who have three lovely glittery nail varnishes that are very good dupes for the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection, at a tiny fraction of the price.

At £1.95 a bottle, I had to have them (obviously) and ordered one of each of the colours (left to right);
Lava Flow, Mosaic and Salt n Pepper.

w7 sprinkles glitter nail polish

I recently got hold of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop, and I love it so much, so to see more glitters in a colour base is really exciting.

So I've tried out a quick swatch, one on each of my nails, left to right as above, and this is three coats.  LOVE IT!  Currently resisting temptation to paint all my nails but I am waiting a Kiko delivery, and I suspect I should keep some fingers spare...

w7 sprinkles glitter nail polish

w7 sprinkles glitter nail polish

w7 sprinkles glitter nail polish

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

I bought a couple of Sally Hansen Nail art pens recently, I was really after a black, but they seem to be near impossible to find / too expensive to buy, so I just got a gold and a silver instead.  I had a quick go using the gold, over the magnetised polish I put on the day before.

When you get the pen, you press it down a few times before the colour runs to the tip, and then it is just like a pen, and you can draw on what you want.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

The good thing about this also is that until you put a top coat over the top, any mistakes can easily be wiped off and rectified.  Just run your hand under the top and use some kitchen roll to wipe off the pattern and you can try again!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

So obviously, when you do have a design you are happy with, make sure you do put top coat over the top (carefully, to avoid smudging) otherwise it'll rub off quite quickly.

No 7 Magnetic Polish

Monday, 23 July 2012

I haven't used any magnetic polish for ages, because to be honest I was a bit disappointed with it.  It always looked ok, but never that great.  I think it went the way of the crackle polish, I got super excited about it, bought ALL OF THE COLOURS and then went straight off it again immediately.

So last night I thought I'd give it another go, trying a few different things, and I had much more success than previous occasions.  Here are my tips:

1.  I used No. 7 Teal, but rather than using the stamp that came with it, I used a stamp from the Barry M Magnetic collection.  I think the No. 7 polish works better, but the stamps that come with it aren't as good as Barry's. 

2.  I did two layers this time, rather than trying to do a really thick coat in one go.

3.  I made sure I was really careful to not hold the magnet too close to my nail, as sometimes this seems to make blobs of the wet nail varnish transfer to the magnet, and just wrecks the polish.  I held the magnet there for about 10-15 seconds each go.

And here we go, magnetised nails that I actually like for once.

No 7 Magnetic Polish

Flowers & stripes

Friday, 20 July 2012

So, another weekend and another wedding... I got a dress from River Island in the sale that had a flowery pattern with lots of pink / green / purple / blue, etc on it, so I thought I'd attempt to match up again.

I used thin tape to create the line patterns (you can buy it at Amazon really cheap), again did two coats of polish and then left it about an hour before I peeled off the tape.  You can actually use this tape to create designs as well if you want, you don't have to peel it off, but I find it doesn't really have the staying power even with tons of top coat on top, but it's fine if you just want it for a night out.  

I also recently bought some fimo decals from Amazon which were really good value too, so I thought I'd try them out.  In the pack you get about 50 x 5cm long canes, that all have a pattern (be it a flower / fruit, etc) on the end, and you use the razor blade (careful!!!) they also provide to slice off a small piece to stick to your nails.

You are supposed to glue on the decals, but I'm not really a fan of using strong superglue on my nails (unless I am trying to prevent a rip), so I just put a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-dri over the top of my nails and placed them on there, and they set pretty well.  I wasn't expecting much staying power to be honest, but they lasted the night and only a few got knocked off the next day, but I was doing a lot of cooking and washing up, so I'm not surprised really.

So, polish on the left hand is:

Thumb (Island Girl fine pink glitter with Barry M Hexagon Glitter over the top)
Fingers L-R:
China Glaze L8R G8R with stripes in Primark Brand Glo Baby Glo
17 Glisten with Barry M Bright Purple Stripes
OPI Gone Gonzo
China Glaze QT with Barry M Pink Flamingo stripes

stripy nails fimo decals

Right hand is:

Fingers (L-R):
OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air
China Glaze GR8 with a Nails Inc Green
Nubar Absolute with Barry M Bright Purple Stripes
Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Thumb: Nubar Brilliant with NFU Oh no. 48 top coat and Barry M Bright Purple Dots

stripy nails fimo decals

Next time I do some striping and decals I am going to take a few pictures of the process so I can do a short tutorial.

Nail Pop Flakie Polish

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

So I was interested to see how the new Nail Pop polish I bought at the weekend fared against the really decent flakies (e.g. Nfu OH) and I was really pleased with the results, and for £5 a bottle rather than £14.99, it's definitely worth investing. 

I did a basecoat of OPI Lincoln Park after Dark, with a Catrice accent nail, that I stamped with the OPI.  I then did two layers of the flakie (Nail Pop - Sequin Effect Shade 24). 

You can see the flakies have an orange/green/yellow effect over the top.

Nail Pop Flakie Polish

Stamping with Barry M Denim

I thought I'd have another go at stamping, and it was much more successful this time.  My nails are a bit long for the plates, which is annoying, so I am going to need to improve on matching the stamps up if I need to stamp a second go on longer nails.

I used a bright light blue (Glo Baby Glo - a cheap make from Primark) as a base with a Beauty UK light blue pastel as an accent nail but you can't really see it that well under the stamping.  I used Barry M denim for the stamping again, it does work really well, I may try using a couple of the Barry M magnetic polishes, as they have excellent one-coat coverage, which I think it the key with stamping.

I used Bundle Monster plate 206.

Ta-daa!  Not perfect, but definitely improving.

Barry M Denim

new polishes

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I am supposed to be not buying any polish ever, but every so often I end up going on a bit of a binge.  On Saturday I was early to meet up with a friend, so I ended up having a quick nosy around Superdrug, and came away a few £££ lighter, whoops!

I hadn't seen "Nail Pop" before, but it looks very much like a flakie (like Nfu Oh/Nubar 2010) but with a nicer price tag (£5) and ease of availability, so I'll be interested to see how that looks.

From left to right I got:

Nail Pop Sequin Effect (24)
GOSH Gold 554
NYC Lights-Camera-Glitter 105 (this looks like it goes on quite chunky, which we like!)
Posh Polish No6 Elfstone
Barry M Denim (pretty good for stamping)

I gave the GOSH gold a go on my friends nails, with the Barry M stamped over the top, and it worked pretty well.

What's new, pussycat?

Friday, 13 July 2012

I thought I'd go for some cat themed nails today to go with my top:

So I used a dotting tool to do some paw prints on a couple of nails, and then very carefully used a really thin pointed dotting tool to do the detail on the cat.

cat nails kitty

The polishes I used from left to right are:

Nails Inc Shelton Street (fine gold glitter) with Boots No.7 Gold (chunky gold glitter) over the top
Barry M Peach Melba with OPI Lincoln Park after Dark (below) for the brown on the cat, and Collection 2000 White for whiskers and eyes.

China Glaze TMI with a Beauty UK polish (above right) for paws

Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls with Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper over the top

Thumb: China Glaze FYI with OPI Lincoln Park after Dark for the paws

panda bear, panda bear

Thursday, 12 July 2012

So, I bought some Bundle Monster plates a while ago and keep meaning to have a go at stamping, every quick attempt I've done has been so rubbish *cry* it's been putting me off, but I realised it was down to a number of reasons (scraping too hard, stamping too hard, etc) and decided to have another go last night, which went ok, but not perfect, but there is an improvement on previous efforts.

So to start, I painted a basecoat using a light green Beauty UK polish and Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream.

For the stamping, I decided to use Nails Inc Denim, as it's got really good coverage in one coat.  And Bundle Monster Plate 212.

So as you can see, the stamping wasn't amazing but a good start for now.  I tarted it up a bit with a few diamantes and a cheeky panda on one of my nails just to break it up a bit.

panda nails
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