Colour block nails

Friday, 29 June 2012

I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and I have a really nice colour block dress (in navy, green, pink and orange) to wear, so I decided to theme my nails to go with the dress.  This did take AGES.  Luckily I had no plans for my Friday night apart from doing my nails, drinking a lot of vodka and watching trash TV whilst doing all of the above.

I did the base colours the previous night, as I was using stickers/tape to get the design neat, and it's best that your nails are totally dry if you are going to try and do this.

The colours I used were:
Beauty UK 230 (pale minty green)
OPI Russian Navy (dark blue)
Angelica Blue Glitter
OPI La Paz-itively Hot (pink)
Max Factor Colour Effect Bright Orange
GOSH Silver (this is an excellent silver foil by the way)

I used some really skinny tape to mark off sections on some fingers, and thicker tape on others.  I then painted on the polish and left it a million years* to dry before taking the tape off so it didn't lift.   After this I chucked a few diamantes on and good to go!

Colour block nails

Colour block nails

*Ok, about an hour.

Dublin dots...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So I'm off to Dublin this weekend to catch up with some friends, and the weather is looking GOOD.  I've decided that BRIGHT and DOTTY is the order of the day.

Colours I used were:
Turquoise Glitter - Nubar (Sky Sparkles)
Pink Glitter - Nubar (Petunia Sparkles)
Nails Inc Gold Glitter with No.7 Gold Glitter over the top
Island Girl Lumo colours in orange, pink and purple
Collection 2000 white
Kiko Navy Blue
Turquoise was a cheap UV polish from Primark.

bright dotty glitter nails

bright dotty glitter nails

Oooh, we're going to Ibiza!

Friday, 22 June 2012

So my good friend is going to Ibiza this weekend for ten days.  Not. jealous. at. all.  She is taking an inflatable monkey and a giraffe with her (best not to ask), and I have done her holiday nails to match.

monkey giraffe nails

You wont get run over in the dark with those nails...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This is a Sinful Colors Neon Melon.  It is BRIGHT.  The colour doesn't show fantastic in this photo, but it is an excellent neon yellow.  Best applied over a white, and it does need a lot of coats to go opaque, the formula isn't that great and does drag through so you have to be careful.  I find a lot of the neons are like this though.  I LOVE THE BRIGHT THOUGH!

Sinful Colors Neon Melon

I'll take you to the Candy Shop...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A friend of mine recently went on holiday to NY, so I sent him with a list of the things. I. needed. in terms of nail varnish.  He is a good egg.  Number one on my list (and a bit of a splurge) was Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop (the pink sparkly glitter).  I absolutely love this and have wanted it for ages, but couldn't justify the £££, it was considerably cheaper from New York as if it's in dollars I feel you can do a rough estimate and round it down to a figure that sounds good when you convert it in your head to pounds, and I decided to do pink/pastel nails as a theme to go with it.

I used Barry M (Strawberry Ice Cream, Pale Yellow and Peach Melba), a Beauty UK polish in Pale Blue, and a Collection 2000 white for the basecoat and dotting.

Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop

Green, gold, glitter...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

So I thought I'd give sponging another go, and this time I used a glittery turquoise Essence polish for the base, and sponged a Barry M gold foil over the top, then finished with some No. 7 gold glitter on the tips.  I wasn't 100% pleased with the outcome because I am a psycho perfectionist and it wasn't that easy to blend it together.  Also, the Essence REALLY stains your nails.  Use base coat people.

green gold glitter gradient nails

P-p-p-p-pick up a penguin...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I thought I'd go for some dotting, diamantes and a random penguin this weekend.  I much prefer if I am going to do nail art, (by which I mean something other than dotting, as I am fairly steady at dotting using either hand) to just do one accent nail on each hand, otherwise there is potential for one hand looking an utter mess in comparison to the other one.  Also, I think some designs look nicer as an accent nail, rather than say ten nails all covered in penguins.  But that's just my opinion, I'm all about everything not matching.

I've used Max Factor Bright Orange, and the red is a Rimmel Lycra-Pro colour, that applies really nicely.  I've used a dotting tool to do the dots and the detail on the penguin, the rest was done with a nail art polish.  A couple of diamantes on the top, and good to go.

penguin nails

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well, as I'm massive fan of dotting, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and go for a rainbow pattern over white, with a black accent nail.  Firstly I did a basecoat, and then got my rainbow colours together.  I didn't use any particularly special polishes here (Orange was Max Factor, and the rest were a mixture of Barry M and Rimmel), and a couple of them were a bit dark to show over the black, but overall a pretty easy but nice effect.  Remember to leave your nails until they are totally dry before putting a top coat on, and apply the top coat quickly or they will smudge *voice of experience*.

rainbow nail dotting

Ladybirds, or if you are American; Ladybugs...

I thought I'd give some ladybirds a try, these were really easy to do.  Firstly I did a basecoat of Barry M Bright Red, and then a layer of Barry M Red Glitter over the top of that.

I did tips with a black polish, and used a nail art polish to do the lines down the centre.  The rest was done with a dotting tool and all finished off with a shiny top coat.

ladybird ladybug nails

Tequila Sunrise

Thursday, 7 June 2012

So, in celebration of the beautiful welcome into british summertime*, I have gone for some vibrant Tequila Sunrise themed nails.

I painted a white base coat, and then sponged on a mixture of colours ranging from yellow to red.  I used 5 different colours.  The trick with sponging is to make sure the sponge is slightly damp, and then paint the polish (all the colours) onto the sponge.  Do a test stamp onto some paper before you do your nails, so that it will have smooshed (technical term) together better before you put it on your nails.  You want it to blend nicely, and you'll get harsher lines if you paint onto the sponge and stamp your nails straight away.  You may have to do a couple of goes on each nail, so make sure you let it dry in between goes.

tequila sunrise gradient nails

*It's raining, relentlessly, and probably will do until winter.

Lumo dotting

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

So, more dotting!  This looks a lot more fancy than what it is.  I did a white basecoat first, then swept across the tip with each colour.  I left it to dry and then did coloured dotts on the white area, and white dots on the coloured area.  The colours I used were mainly Island Girl polishes that I bought in Vegas last year, and the blue being a Kiko polish.  They are really bright (late night kitchen picture doesn't really do it justice) and these colours work so much better over a white as well, to make the brightness pop.

Lumo nail dotting


Saturday, 2 June 2012

So, I am a MASSIVE fan of NFU OH Flakies, although Nubar 2010 is certainly a good alternative if you don't want to get drawn into spooging all your wages on NFU OH.  So, I used to get them delivered from Estonia, which was remarkably cheaper than buying here, but they won't send to the UK any more because there is a UK stockist, however they are retailing at £14.99 each, which is ridiculous to be honest, when they are £6-7 from Estonia.

So I managed to get them delivered to a friend in Dublin, from the US site, and then she sent them to me from Dublin, and that still worked out at about £8 a bottle instead.  RESULT!

Here is the haul (the front row are mine, the ones at the back are for a friend)

NFU OH Flakies

And just a quick dabble over the black I already had on.  LOVE THEM!

NFU OH Flakies

Jubilee, bitches!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Well, this weekend provides us with a cheeky extra bank holiday: whoopla!  All to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne for our Liz.  So in order to commemorate this occasion, it'd be rude not to go for a bit of all. things. british. on the old talons, would it not?

I decided to go for a good mix of red, white and blue;  mixture of dotting, nail art pens, a few cheeky diamantes and some crowns courtesy of those nail art stickers that came in a multi-pack I thought I'd never want to use.

union jack nails

I hope everyone has exciting plans for this weekend, I have a street party to attend on Sunday, for which I am hoping the rain stays away.  And in keeping with the theme; I have made a cake.

Hope everyone has a fabulous red, white and blue weekend!

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe dupe

I love this glitter from Essence (cheap polish available in Penneys (Primark equivalent) in Ireland).  It’s pretty much a perfect dupe for Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe and for a tiny fraction of the price.  It does go quite opaque after about 3 coats, but it’s quicker and uses less polish to put this as a top coat over a navy blue.

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe dupe

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