Tequila Sunrise

Thursday, 7 June 2012

So, in celebration of the beautiful welcome into british summertime*, I have gone for some vibrant Tequila Sunrise themed nails.

I painted a white base coat, and then sponged on a mixture of colours ranging from yellow to red.  I used 5 different colours.  The trick with sponging is to make sure the sponge is slightly damp, and then paint the polish (all the colours) onto the sponge.  Do a test stamp onto some paper before you do your nails, so that it will have smooshed (technical term) together better before you put it on your nails.  You want it to blend nicely, and you'll get harsher lines if you paint onto the sponge and stamp your nails straight away.  You may have to do a couple of goes on each nail, so make sure you let it dry in between goes.

tequila sunrise gradient nails

*It's raining, relentlessly, and probably will do until winter.


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