Saturday, 2 June 2012

So, I am a MASSIVE fan of NFU OH Flakies, although Nubar 2010 is certainly a good alternative if you don't want to get drawn into spooging all your wages on NFU OH.  So, I used to get them delivered from Estonia, which was remarkably cheaper than buying here, but they won't send to the UK any more because there is a UK stockist, however they are retailing at £14.99 each, which is ridiculous to be honest, when they are £6-7 from Estonia.

So I managed to get them delivered to a friend in Dublin, from the US site, and then she sent them to me from Dublin, and that still worked out at about £8 a bottle instead.  RESULT!

Here is the haul (the front row are mine, the ones at the back are for a friend)

NFU OH Flakies

And just a quick dabble over the black I already had on.  LOVE THEM!

NFU OH Flakies


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