Powercut nails!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

So, I got home from work tonight and had plans for an evening chilling out, watching some rubbish on TV; basically general laziness - it is Monday after all.  Within five minutes of getting into my house all the power went - *sob sob* - and I was left trying to figure out how to get into the garage and get some torches and get some light without tripping over something and landing face forwards onto an upturned rake or something. 

Anyway, all potential accidents averted and I found myself a rather fetching head torch, that I'd massively mocked my husband when he proudly showed it to me a few months ago, however it came in very useful!  As I had nothing to do in the sound of silence (and house alarms) so I decided to have a go with some sticker tips I had.  (I bought a set of 25 from eBay a while ago).  I did a base coat of China Glaze QT (from the OMG Holographic collection), chucked the stickers on and then a few diamantes.  Not a bad effort done by torchlight.


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